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Texas Plains Contractors is an Amarillo based roofing and exterior contractor. We help you keep the weather out and maximize your curb appeal.

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Roofing & Home Exterior Contractor in Amarillo TX.

Selective Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, and Business Owners Need Professional Roofing and Home Exterior Renovations

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First time installing a new roof or remodeling the exterior of your home?

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Amarillo Roofing and Exterior Contractor - Texas Plains Contractors, Amarillo TX

Amarillo Roofing and Exterior Contractor

Located in Southwest Amarillo, Texas Plains Contractors is the go-to source for Panhandle area homeowners, home builders, property managers and real estate investors who need professional roofing and exterior remodeling and storm restoration.

Texas Plains Contractors: Amarillo
1616 S Kentucky St Suite C-205
Amarillo, TX 79102

Phone: (806) 419-1500
Hours: Monday–Friday 8AM–7PM

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Texas Plains Contractors Works for Home and Business Owners

Serving Amarillo and the surrounding Texas Panhandle since 2018

  Locally owned and operated
  GAF certified roofer
  Full workmanship warranties
  Dedicated to safety
  Properly bonded and insured
  Accurate quotes and estimates
  Thorough and FREE roof inspections
  Extensive roofing and shingle options

Texas Plains Contractors is a member of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.

Texas Plains Contractors is an Amarillo based roofing and exterior remodeling and storm restoration company exclusively focused on providing “Pinterest Worthy” property improvements for the Panhandle Area's best and brightest homeowners, home builders, property managers and real estate investors.

Nick Robbins, Chase Brewer, and Dustin Kuhn, the owners and lead project managers, were curious about starting a roofing and exterior company. When they surveyed roofers and exterior remodelers, two big problems stood out.

First, anyone can knock on your door and call themselves a roofing company.

They think they can do anything. They'd rather make a quick buck. They aren't required to have insurance and there's no such thing as state licensing in Texas for roofers. It's scary when just anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a roofing contractor.

So while many roofers will throw up a website and print themselves a business card, very few are willing to go "all in" and focus on getting exceptionally good at their trade. As a result, their customers get a second-rate job or shoddy experience.

Second, when storms hit the Texas Panhandle, here come the “storm chasers” (out of town roofers).

Out-of-town roofers ("storm chasers") don't stick around long after the storms. They roll up in their vinyl-wrapped F250s, knock on doors, and sign up as many gullible customers as possible.

While they obsess about finding cheap labor and falsifying insurance claims, they tend to ignore the soft-skills like customer service and exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Many of our customers came to us with stories of bad experiences from other shady roofers that were slow, difficult, expensive, and not very professional.

Texas Plains Contractors is a different roofing and home exterior experience.

We specialize in one trade, do it exceptionally well, and focus 100% of non-contracting time on customer experience.

When you need us, we’ll be ready. Just give us a shout: [email protected].